Beautiful Beaches in Miyakojima, a remote island in Okinawa

Relax on the Beach

Why on the earth do people choose to visit Miyakojima? One of the reasons must be to relax in a safe haven where you can get away from a daily busy life. For that purpose, the beaches in Miyakojima offer ideal shelters. Here are three beaches I really recommend.


Yanahamaehama is said to be the most beautiful beaches in east Asia. Its white sand (as fine as powder snow) stretches about 7 kilometers along Miyako Blue, the purity of which is quite high and the color of the sea is often likened as emerald green. Just lying there and hearing the sound of crashing wave will heal your weary mind. Also, this beach offers a variety of marine sports such as jet skis, banana boats, big marbles, and wake boarding.


Aragusuku is a splendid spot for snorkeling along with Yoshinokaigan. This place has rich coral reefs, and they are a suitable habitat of many kinds of fishes. If you just walk in the water to the chest high and look into it with snorkeling goggles on, you can find many of them swimming around. It will surely give you an excitement and a sense of awe. If you are lucky, you might see a school of clown fish, which was featured in the movie “Finding Nemo.”


Yabiji is the biggest coral reef community in Japan, which is located in the Northern offshore of Miyakojima. It is comprised of hundreds of coral reefs, and stretching about 25 square kilometers. Yabiji makes a great diving and snorkeling spot. If you want to swim with colorful fish, it is the best place. Since it is not a beach, you need to join a diving, snorkeling, or fishing tour to go there. It will be totally worth the effort considering the experience you can have.